Delta pastor orders women to choose marriage partner during service

A prophet in Delta State asked single
men and ladies to pick whomever they
like to marry among the congregants
at a prophetic service he conducted.
In a video posted on Youtube, Prophet
Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin , whose Christ
Mercyland Deliverance Ministry is
based in Delta, summoned a lady and
asked if she was married .
But , when the woman replied no , the
cleric asked her when she would like
to get married and she replied today .
He then ordered her to choose any
man she likes in the auditorium .
After walking around the church
auditorium, she couldn ’ t pick out
anyone she wanted. The pastor then
called on single men in the auditorium
who would like to marry her . Nine
men stepped out . The young lady
didn’t want any of them .
The pastor then called on other single
ladies who would like to marry any of
the nine men. Ladies trooped out, they
lined up behind each of the men
according to whom they would like to
marry among them . The pastor then
asked the men to make his choice
within a month from the matchmaking
service .
The 9 .38 - minute video ended with the
pastor laying a hand on the first single
lady who couldn ’ t find a prospective
husband, praying for her to find one.

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