How FRSC officials allegedly abandon victims after chasing them into a ditch

Some FRSC personnel allegedly
chased a car until it ran into a ditch
- They reportedly fled the scene
leaving the victims to their fate
- All the victims reportedly survived
the freaky accident
According to a report by Facebook user,
Von Nwadukwe, an accident occurred
around Ugwu onyeama part of the
Enugu - onitsha express on Saturday,
July 15.
LOADEDCITY learnt that the accident
reportedly happened after some officials
of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)
chased a car until the car lost control
and fell into a ditch.
Nwadukwe who reported the incident
claimed that the officers quickly fled the
scene after the accident without waiting
to help the victims trapped in the car.

All the passengers reportedly survived the accidents. Photo credit:
Von Nwadukwe
He claimed that: "Saw this accident
scene at the Ugwu onyeama segment of
the enugu - onitsha express way earlier.
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"The car in the ditch fell in there while
trying to get away from a team of FRSC
officials who were following him in a hot
"Regrettably the officers abandoned the
occupants to their own fate and fled the
scene though amazingly the occupants
survived without life threatening
"These are sad realities of what state our
dear country is in, where citizens are
law breakers and law enforcement
agents are indiscipline. We shall
Meanwhile, the Federal Road Safety
Corps (FRSC) has tried 63 drivers in its
mobile court in Pankshin Command
Plateau state.
The drivers, the corps said, were
arrested on Saturday, July 15, and tried
at the FRSC mobile courts for various
Speaking on the arrest, the Pankshin
unit commander Nnamdi Akeh-Akabo
said the corps' outing recorded over 90
offences committed by different

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