I fall sick anytime my husband sleeps with me, woman tells court

A Mapo Customary Court , Ibadan, on
Monday dissolved the 21 - year
marriage , between one Babatunde
Olasupo and his wife, Shakirat , over
starvation of sex.
The president of the court , Ademola
Odunade, dissolved the marriage on
grounds of irreconcilable differences .
“ There is nothing more the court could
do since Babatunde and Shakirat have
agreed to part ways .
“ In the interest of peace and
tranquility , the union between
Babatunde and Shakirat has ceased to
be henceforth .
“ Babatunde is granted custody of the
first three children produced by the
union, while Shakirat shall take
custody of the last child because he is
still a legal minor .
“ In addition , Babatunde shall pay a
monthly feeding allowance of N5 , 000
for the upkeep of the child in the
custody of the respondent, ” he said .
Babatunde had earlier told the court
that Shakirat was starving him of sex.
He also alleged that the respondent
was a troublemaker .
“ My lord , Shakirat no longer responds
to my sexual need as a housewife and
I can no more cope with it.
“ Anytime , I make advances , she either
rain abuses on me or run away ,
thereby starving me .
“ Aside from that , Shakirat does not co-
operate with me to give our four
children quality home training .
“ When ever I want to chastise or beat
the children on any wrong doing,
Shakirat shouts at me not to touch the
“ In fact , she is misleading our children
against me .
“ Not too long ago , Shakirat had
knowledge of how our first child who
is 21 years old stole my ATM card and
withdrew a huge sum of money from
my account .
“ She is a very troublesome wife, she is
in no way ready to allow peace to
prevail and I can no longer continue
to stay under the same roof with her ,”
Babatunde said .
The respondent , told the court that she
also want divorce .
She, however , asked for the custody of
the four children.
“ If the separation will give him peace,
he should go , but not with my
“ My lord , the problem I have is that
anytime Babatunde had sexual
intercourse with me, I fall sick and
that is why I no longer allow him to
sleep with me .
“ It is true that our first child stole his
ATM card to withdraw money , but the
boy has since changed for better.
“ Babatunde doesn’t even cater for me
as a man should do to his wife; I only
get feeling of him through telephone
“ He also doesn’t care about our last
child who is a sickle cell patient,”
Shakirat said .
In his appeal to the court , the first
child of the couple (name withheld)
pleaded with the court not to
terminate the union between his
“ My lord , I have apologised to my
father for my misbehaviour for
stealing his ATM card , please , don ’ t
separate them in the interest of us,
their children .
“ I think that the problem between
them had been since they got married .
“ In fact, I am writing exams , but I
can ’t stay in school just because of this
matter, ” the son said .
(NAN )

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