Jesus Christ's image allegedly appears on the wall of a Lagos church

- An alleged image of Jesus Christ on a
church wall has caused commotion in
the Ikorodu area of Lagos state
- Church members and residents have
been seen streaming in and out of the
- The alleged image was noticed after
an artisan raised alarm and called
attention to the water stained wall
No less than 400 worshippers daily have
been visiting an uncompleted church
building in Ikorodu, Lagos state, to see
an alleged image of Jesus Christ.

LOADEDCITY learnt that the image,
believed by some people to be the face
of Jesus, reportedly appeared on a wall
in a church called the Holy Ghost Fire
Apostolic Church, Ogunse Estate,
Sagamu Road, Ikorodu, Lagos state.
Residents of the area as well as church
members have been swarming the sight
of the alleged miracle since an artisan
raised alarm and called the attention of
people to it.
Residents of the area have been seen going in and out of the
building to before the image.
The uncompleted church building has a
water stained wall that formed the
image of a face which people visiting
the scene have termed as Jesus' face.
According to a report by Vanguard,
worshippers and residents of the area
visited the church individually and in
groups, praying and singing to God,
while some transporters seized the
opportunity to hike their fares.
The worshipers were seen dropping
sachets and bottles of water by the wall,
while others knelt down or touched the
image praying aloud.
The construction work at the church has
also been put on hold due to the number
of pilgrims turning up to catch a
glimpse of the image.
Hundreds of people trooped to Saint
Augustine’s Catholic Church which is
located in the Nenger area of Makurdi
following the “appearance” of an
‘image’ of Jesus.
The church which is situated behind
Government Model College became a
hub for Catholic and non-Catholic
worshippers after bright image fell on
the crucifix of Jesus.
The crucifix is described as a structure
of Christ when he rose from death after
he was crucified and buried and
according to witnesses, it had on its
head a crown, while the entire body
was glittering, like precious stone.

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