SHOCKING Boko Haram kills six villagers in Borno

Boko Haram jihadists killed six men in
a village in northeast Nigeria on
Tuesday in what appeared to be a
targeted reprisal attack , a militia
fighting the group told AFP.
Nine Boko Haram fighters are
suspected of entering Kijimatari , a
village in northeast Borno state, at
around 2 am (0100 GMT), breaking
into the homes of six men including
the village chief before slitting their
throats .
“ The attackers evaded a nearby
military checkpoint by entering the
village through bush paths,” said
Ibrahim Liman , the head of a local
anti- jihadist militia force.
“ The chief of the village was among
the victims and it was clear the victims
were deliberately targeted . ”
Local resident Kulo Musa said that
while the attackers had carried guns,
they “ chose to use knives ” to avoid
alerting soldiers manning a nearby
checkpoint .
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Musa said the killings were a reprisal
for the arrest of two Boko Haram
members who moved into the village
claiming to have been displaced from
their homes by the jihadists two
months earlier .
“ We believe the attackers suspected
the six people they killed of tipping off
the military which led to the arrest of
the two Boko Haram fighters, ” he said .
Nigerian troops re - took the nearby
garrison town of Monguno and
surrounding villages in February 2015 ,
after losing it to Boko Haram for three
weeks during which time the group
ransacked the town ’s military base
and burnt homes.
Despite the liberation of Monguno and
the reopening of the 135 - kilometre
highway (85 miles ) that links it to the
regional capital Maiduguri, sporadic
attacks by Boko Haram continue.
Boko Haram ’s bloody eight- year
armed insurgency aimed at
establishing a hardline Islamic state
has killed at least 20 ,000 people and
displaced more than 2 .6 million .
The violence has also spilt into
Nigeria’ s neighbours — Niger , Chad
and Cameroon.

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