“My Village People Sent This Evil Bat” – Nigerian Lady Reveals (Photos)

A Nigerian lady, identified as Miss Becky Kisses, recently
took her social media to narrate how her village people sent
an evil bat to her family in Umuahia, Abia state.
According to her, her family woke up to see an evil bat
hanging on a pole outside their home and added that she has
a feeling it was sent to her family because she is from a
village filled with diabolical people.
Here’s what she wrote;
“Really thank God for saving us last
night, around 2am when I was sewing
a dress for my client at home I was
hearing some weird noise from
outside, and because we live on the
outskirts of umuahia it’s always quiet
and people don’t usually go out after
7pm so by around 2am you should
expect everyone to be asleep except
something really bad happens that
might affect everyone ..
That night felt different but I was still
able to complete my sewing despite
the weird animal noise because we are
only used to hearing noise from dogs
barking or owls and some night birds
that thrive around that area, but not
that sort of noise because it sounded
like something that is not even from
earth, trust me
I’ve heard weird noises but this one is
a big exception, I was surprised when I
woke up in the morning and I found
this dead bat hanging dead on our
electric pole…
I still have a very strong feeling that
this bat was sent, because where I am
from people do bad things to their own
relations which our family is not an
exception, what are your thoughts on

When she was accused of being superstitious, she replied;
honestly telling you it must be one of
my village people cos those people are
evil and unpredictable

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