Nnamdi Kanu Killed Or Abducted – Lawyer

Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor has
alleged that his client was abducted
by military operatives on September
14 and probably killed. This is in
reaction to insinuations that Kanu
has gone into hiding.
Ejiofor made the allegation in a
statement on Tuesday aand the
statement as reported by
Dailypost reads in part:

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“I have no doubt whatsoever that
stories making round that my Client
has fled outside Nigeria, were planted
to divert attention from their
murderous raid on my client’s house.“I
made last contact with my client few
minutes into the bloody onslaught in
his home on the 14th day of
September 2017. Till date, I have not
established further communication
with him.
“The soldiers must have made
possible contact with him on this 14th
day of September 2017, when they
invaded his house on a bloody raid,
and by virtue of which position, they
should tell the world if he was caught
by fire of bullets in the hit of the
bloody onslaught or he was arrested
“In all probability, my client may have
been killed by the invading soldiers
who are now seeking ways to fool the
world into believing that he has left
the country. My request is that the
military should produce my client
wherever they kept him and stop
diverting attention of the public.”

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