4 Tips To Improve your blog or site Google Indexing

One of the most popular discussions that you will see in the
Google forums revolve around indexing and many people complain
that their new content isn’t appearing online. It would be ideal if
Google visited your site on a daily basis and content was
instantly available in search engine rankings, but this will only
ever happen if, and when, Google recognizes how great your site

While you cannot forcibly improve indexing and Google’s crawl
rate, there are some things you can do to get Google to visit
your site more often. Before you look at the steps I have
outlined below, make sure your site is actually indexed by Google.
If not, you’ll need to visit Google and add it.
The problem is that getting Google to index your site correctly
and efficiently is not a simple task. Below you’ll find 4 tips that
can help you with that.

1. Let Google Know You Exist
Google has a submission form that you can use to inform it
about your new site. Don’t!
The best way to get Google to discover and index your site is to
get a backlink from a reputable website. This is more efficient
than the tool because any spammer can use the tool, and they do!
If you want more information on this topic, check out this article
from Neil Patel detailing how to get Google to crawl your site .

2. Optimize on-site factors
You need to make sure that your on-site factors are optimized if
you want Google to crawl your site correctly and to index all
your pages and posts. This includes:
  • Correct HTML code
  • Correct permalink structure
  • Efficient internal linking
  • Sitemap

3. More authority links.
Good search rankings and organic traffic comes from two main
factors: quality content and quality links. Lots of quality content
and lots of quality links.
Focus on getting links from related websites, and preferably from
authoritative ones. A link from an authoritative website inside your
niche is worth 1000 non-relevant links from smaller sites.

4. Monitor your rankings
You can’t improve what you can’t measure. If you want to
improve your indexing and search rankings over time, you need to
measure your performance over time. You could do it manually,
but it would very time consuming.
A better way to do it is to use a tool and automate the process.

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