5 Factors That Makes a Blog Looks More Professional

Here you’ll find the details to make your blog look
professional by simple methods.
Blogging is not a child’s play. It is a serious
profession. Many people start a blog but failed to
become professional blogger just because they ignore
some of the very basic factors that make a blog look
Remember the better you look the better you attract.
That means not only the color of the font of your blog
but also how you have placed everything on your blog,
including posts, social buttons, subscription options etc.
Today I am going to share about the most important
factors that you should take care of when running a
blog to make it look professional and easily attract
more readers.

1) Domain Name:

What you think is the first thing that a user recalls
when he wants to visit your blog?
It is your domain name. According to the domain name
guide, a domain is the online representation of a site, it
must be short, simple, easy to remember, without
hyphens or numbers and also free from copyright issues.
I have seen that many bloggers make mistake by
choosing a similar name or other brand thinking that this
will help them to grow easily but in reality, this always
hurt their brand value as people always prefer the main
brand behind the similar name.
So when you want to start a blog make sure you do
proper research, use the main keyword and follow the
domain name rules shared in the complete domain name
guide .

2) Theme:

If you enter the domain name in the address bar and
open a blog, the very first thing you will look at is the
design of the blog theme.
You are not limited with options as there are numerous
themes available for each niche.
The big mistake that people make when choosing a theme
for their blog is to choose a free theme.
There is no doubt that free theme helps you save money
but there are so many issues that you have to face by
using a free theme such as no updates, no support, and
malicious codes.
These things will harm your blog in long run and pass
you link juice to external sites or malicious sites.
My recommendation, always use Premium WordPress
themes for your blog. Premium themes help you with
complete support editable fonts and styles. It gives your
blog a more professional look.

3) Subscription option:

Every professional blog offers various subscription
options to its readers. Most effective subscription is
email subscription.
A blog with no subscription option is like a blog with
no loyal readers. You can use Aweber, MailChimp or
getresponse to setup your email subscription service.
You can also share social network links so that people
can follow your blog on various social networks such as
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
Remember every professional blog cover maximum options
so that people can follow the blog on every network.

4) Social sharing buttons:

This is something that you simply can’t miss.
Because it helps you to gain more popularity on social
networks by boosting social shares and also gains more
You can use social sharing plug-ins such as AddThis or
I always say that use the social networks with maximum
engagement such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
I have seen blogs where people have populated the blog
with hundreds of social network buttons. This never helps
you but it actually annoys your reader and confuses
Remember that your job is to create the better user

5) Commenting system:

The commenting system is also one of the important
factors that play a major role in the success of your
blog and make it look more professional.
There are two most loved commenting systems for a
  1. Commentluv plugin
  2. Disqus Commenting system
Both systems have their own pros and cons.
Commentluv attracts more people to comment on your
blog by bribing them with a link back at the end of the
comment. But at the same time, it invites more spam
Disqus has lesser spam comments but the same time it
only attracts comments from the people who want to
say something.
No matter which commenting system you choose, just
make sure that you offer a platform to your readers
where they can talk about their problems.


There is no secret to success through blogging but you
can be a professional blogger by applying some simple
steps. The more professional look of your blog helps
you get more users and subscribers. Ultimately,
popularizes your blog among the users and make them
return to your blog again and again.

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