How to become Website Traffic Reseller - How To Make Money Online By Selling Traffic to Websites ?

I tried Making a research via facebook to know how many people
might have interest in Blog Traffic Reselling Program, i was
stunned with the outcome of those who might have interest in
making money as a blog traffic reseller then i decided to put up
this article to guide those who might have interest in the scheme.
Traffic re-selling is a huge business that is constantly expanding,
every single website requires traffic this means your service is
always in high demand. We provide our resellers with the tools
and support to become highly successful resellers.

How does it work?

Here I Shall be bringing in TrafficBot.Co.Uk Because
of their lowest prices on the market and also because many of
their customers resell TrafficBot traffic to their own customers.
TrafficBot.Co.Uk have 3 ways for the resellers to work with
them, Which Are:
1. Affiliate
2. White-Label Manual and
3. White-Label Automated.

And in the last 2 of them of them you can have your own
traffic reselling website or accept the orders from your clients
If you accept orders yourself you are welcome to use any pricing
model with your clients and increase the prices as high as you can
or want, if you Google this now you can see that many websites
use 1.5x or even 2x higher prices than TrafficBot do,
so you can put the difference in your pocket.
Also you can even lower The Amount or prices you buy From
Trafficbot by purchasing the credits in advance, in bulk, for
example, if you make a purchase of 5 credits then you
automatically get a discount of -20%, and for 10 credits they
give -40%. The credits do not expire on your account, so you
can resell them at any time in the future to your clients.

Reselling as an Affiliate

Reselling as an Affiliate is the easiest and the
fastest way to start earning money with Trafficbot, you just use
your affiliate link to send the traffic to Trafficbot and from each
of the sales your clients made you receive a commission, all the
commissions are recurrent and you receive payments from all the
sales with no expiration date.
Note: I recommend this for those of us who
dont have capital to invest.

payouts are made to your PayPal account with the minimum of
It works this way:
1. If you do not have an account with us then you
REGISTER NOW (Not a refrerral link)
2. Proceed to the Reseller Dashboard
3. You will see your affiliate link, for example: Your
affiliate link:
4. Advertise this link wherever you can
5. Once your balance in the Reseller Dashboard reaches at
least $100 you can ask for a payout or change it to
traffic credits by sending an email to
Your commissions depends on how many active affiliate you’ve
had in your account, the rates are:
Bronze – 20% (below 10 referrals)
Silver – 22% (over 10 referrals)
Gold – 24% (over 30 referrals)
Platinum – 26% (over 50 referrals)
Diamond – 28% (over 70 referrals)
Antimatter – 30% (over 100 referrals)
Keep in mind that you are not allowed to be your own referral
and Trafficbot strictly check all their affiliates for it, if they
detect such activity they may block your reseller account and you
will loose the earnings you have nade so far there you should
abide by this and work hard for your earnings.

White-Label Manual Traffic Reselling

This is the simplest way to start being a traffic reseller but in
the same time it requires more manual labour of creating and
controlling the projects. Majority of resellers use this particular
method, therefore i encourage you to start with it and once you
have stable income from your clients you may advance to the next
level – Automated Traffic Reselling.
The typical way white-label manual traffic
reselling work is explained below:
1. You receive a payment from your client
2. If you do not have credits on your balance you
purchase them
3. Using credits from your balance you create a project
for your customer’s order
4. If the customer asks you to change anything in the
order you do it manually in your member area
5. Once the month is over you need to renew the project
manually or check the Auto-Renew checkbox in advance in
your project’s settings page
In case of receiving any complaint from the customer that you
cannot handle by changing your project’s settings you can simply
forward it to or you use the TrafficBot
Live Chat (This is Recommended).
Keep in mind that TrafficBot will always ask for your Google
Analytics daily page views report’s screenshots or access to it
for their user in case of you not receiving the proper amount of
The advantage of this method is that none of your clients will
ever know that you purchase the traffic from , so
you can focus on your own marketing and sales and not to
bother about the buying traffic ok??.
Its only Disadvantage is that you cannot activate customers’
orders immediately and you have to create orders in our member
area manually.

Automated Traffic Reselling

This is the most advanced method of reselling traffic and it
actually requires quite a lot of preparatory work from your side.
Automated Traffic Reselling presumes that you already have a
website where your clients can put orders and this website is
connected to TrafficBot server using their Reselling API .
You can find the API’s specification in your member area after
registering by clicking at API link in the Automation section of
the main menu.
With API you can automatically check your balance, create, edit,
pause, resume and check status of your projects.
Using API requires some programming skills.
The advantage of this method is that you have your own website
and none of your clients will ever know that you purchase the
traffic from anywhere, so you can focus on your own marketing
and sales and not to bother about the buying traffic. You
maintain your own brand and all your customers will be loyal to
you. Also you can fully automate selling process and activate the
projects immediately once your customer places an order.
An example of such an affiliate you can see
With every purchase you made on TrafficBot you receive 1 free
demo credit on your account, so you can use it for demo
purposes for your clients *isnt that awsome?* .
Keep in mind that demo credits can only be used for the domains
that are not TrafficBot database yet and they cannot be used
for short links, redirects nor for affiliate links.
I suppose this article is worth sharing with friends vis social
medias, please kindly drop your reviews and comments about this
Money Making Scheme you just read. Thanks.

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