How to Make Money Online With Earn €50 - €3000 By Publishing Articles On your Blog and Posting On Social Medias

Every moment is growing the market of companies that are
dedicated to build a network of merchants interested in spreading
their products, brands and services, their launches, marketing
plans, campaigns and discounts.
We have “Coobis”, who came to stay. Coobis requires content
writers to pay you for your publications about your customers
and messages on social networks, and you can also mount
advertising on the website or blog approved by the merchants for
their campaigns.
Coobis agrees with you a price for each type of activity you do;
Offers you a base price and you can modify it, if you approve
what you ask for your sponsored post or actions commissioned
for social networks, they also pay you.
But there is more, Coobis pays you a percentage if by a user
that you deliver, you take a company as your client or another
website publisher or account owner in social networks of sufficient
traffic to be proposed as a content distributor.
Also, companies in Coobis can generate content for their Brand,
spread them on blogs, portals and other relevant media in their
category and amplify them in the social networks of influencers.
But what is Coobis ?, I explain: Coobis is a platform created so
that Media of all topics can generate income by writing and
publishing content, as well as by disseminating them on social

Wanna Know More About Coobis?? Then
Read Below.......

Do you manage a portal, blog or social profile?. This is something you might be interested in!
1.- What is Coobis?

Coobis is a great way to complement your current advertising
offer. By participating in our marketplace you will make your
services available to some of the top brands worldwide. Coobis
does not require exclusivity nor does it require you to accept any
of our advertisers’ offers: you choose what brands you want to
work with and when. When registering in Coobis, a Tab will be
created and all your information (vertical, influence, traffic,
reputation, seo authority) will be included for free in our
All publisher's relevant details will be shown on this tab so that
advertisers can book a variety of services such as content writing,
sponsored posts, mentions on social profiles, etc…
2.- Which services do publishers offer
in Coobis?

Publishers registered in Coobis offer advertisers’ a variety of
services aimed at boosting reputation, traffic and influence.
All these services can be grouped into three categories of
This category embraces content generation services for advertisers
to use on their own channels.
  1. Writing a short article (500 words)
  2. Writing a long article (1.000 words)
  3. Writing a white paper
This category embraces all content publishing services in those
publishers that are registered in Coobis.
  1. Publish an article written by the advertiser
  2. Publish an article written by the copywriter

This category embraces the services through which influencers
registered in Coobis publish brand content.
  1. Mentions on Twitter
  2. Posts on Facebook
  3. Special actions on other networks
3.- How does a Publisher generate and
withdraw income on Coobis?

The Coobis operating model is very simple and totally transparent.
Coobis bases its relationship with publishers on three basic
factors which represent the three main benefits for Publishers in
Full transparency
Revenues are distributed between the Publisher (70%) and Coobis
(30%) based in a model of full transparency. We only win, if
you win.
Without obligation
To have a presence in Coobis, it is not necessary to assume any
fixed cost and there is no minimum time or exclusivity
No minimums
To cash out balance, publishers on Coobis should not reach any
minimum amount or expect any term. Your balance is always
100% available
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