How to Use Infinix Note 4 Pro X Pen (PHOTOS)

I know some of us might have gotten the Infinix Note 4 Pro
which was officially launched in June this year 2017. The phone
came with a stylus pen called the X PEN. Up till today, some
users of the phone still don't know what they can use the Pen
for or even know what it's used for.
If you use Infinix Note 4 Pro and still don't know what the
stylus pen is used for, then this post will teach you what you
can do with the pen. It's very simple and fun. Kindly read on. .

How to Use Infinix Note 4 Pro X Pen

1. Charge
Open the smartphone (Note 4 Pro) and insert the X-Pen into the
holster. The X-Pen will be full of electricity in 17 seconds and
last 30 minutes.
2. Popup the X Pen
Memo will be called out if the phone get locked, while Air
command will be called out if the phone get unlocked.

Air command includes Note, Smart select, Memo,
Screen write
and Add shortcuts

3. Drawing
Give you real experience and amazing effect to drawing and

4. Smart select: Take screenshot as your preference

5. Memo: Write down your ideas anytime and anywhere

6. Screen write: Personalize your screenshot

7. Add shortcuts: Add more features into air command
8. Shortcuts
Unlock the phone, get close to the screen. Press the button once
to quickly call out the air command. Press the button twice to
quickly call out Memo.


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