Photos Of TSTV Decoder, Signal Quality And Dish, Fully Installed

Some Newly leaked photos of the TSTV Dish and Signal Quality
has been seen On our Partners blog, A user who has installed
The TSTV dish has leaked out some photos and its signals to
users in other for Nigerians to reduce panics.

TSTV Dish Mounted

As we are still waiting for the Commerial Operation to
Commence, Let keep feeling our eyes with hopes with the leaked
photos of TSTV. So you checkout below photo to see what the
TSTV looks like when be installed.

TSTV Decoder When Installed

As You seen earlier In First Photo, Of the TSTV Pan Mounted
outside the building and its setup inside the building, below shows
the signal quality of the TSTV as of now.

TSTV Signal Quality

Bear it in mind that All Alleged Channel has not yet been added
but will be added gradually as time goes on. You can see some
Existing Channel Already.

TSTV Weak Signals

From the image above, you will notice that the signal of the
decoder is not yet strong enough but we believe that will be fix
as time goes on. But for me i worry not about the channel, i am
just after the data of 20GB Only, Maybe as time goes on i will
get along with its channel.


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