How To Keep Android Phones Screen On While Reading

Actually, no method is required for enabling the Keep
Screen On feature on Android but there are some of the
apps that are meant for the purpose and give the Android
that same functionality. We have listed those all Apps that
could be used to enable the Keep Screen On feature on
Android, just know these up.

How to Keep Screen On While Reading on Android

1. Wakey

This premium app is really amazing to its work and all
that it do by just simple configurations and there’s no need
to configure and set up the whole of the apps for the
screen timeout overriding. To use this app at any time just
open it up and then tap on the big gray bulb, let it turn
to orange and that’s all. Your screen won’t sleep after
that and to stop the app you could again tap on the
orange bulb inside the app. There would be the shortcut
bulb icon placed on the notification panel of your device so
you would not require going to the app every time!


This app works in a way such that you need to select up
the particular apps you wish to enable the Keep Screen On
functionality, thereafter select multiple other options for
those apps like blocking the screen timeout etc. Some more
features could be unlocked for the app if you could donate
the developer. Those unlocked features include enforcing the
system to not lock screen after the timeout, letting the
Android hide the bar notifications and any existence of the
app running in the background!


This app might not have all those complex features and
functions that the above apps are consisting but the best
thing about this app is that it is made to just do up the
work without enforcing any useless functions. This app
works by letting you select all those particular apps for
which you wish to let the system override the Screen
Timeout time. Just open the app and you would see all
your installed and system apps, select those apps you wish
to enable the Keep Screen On function and further check
some of the options from there. This app would work in
the background and every time you open that configured
app this app enforces the system to override the screen
timeout and hence keep the screen on!
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