How to Recover Lost/Cleared Notifications on Android Phones

There are times you would switch on your data and immediately,
different notifications from different apps will start popping up.
Sometimes it looks annoying most especially when your phone
starts over-heating.
There are some people who hardly go through those notifications,
instead they clear all without glancing through any of the
notifications. And after, you find yourself regretting for doing that
because you just cleared up some important notification or
information into thin air.

For me, i do take my time to go through all the notifications on
my Android phone no matter how many they are. If you found
yourself regretting for clearing up all notifications at once without
going through them, worry no more because you can still get
those lost notifications back.
In this tutorial, I'll be teaching you how you can recover your lost
notifications on your Android phone using an app called
Notification History Log App.
Notification History Log app might sound new to many of us here;
Yes! because it's a new app that saves your lost notifications and
keep it in one safe place. The app works for all Android phones
from 4.4 and higher.

How to use Notification History Log App
on Android to Recover Lost Notifications

The app is very easy to understand as it has a simple user-
friendly interface;
  • Download and Install the app on the Google
    Playstore Here
  • Launch the App and follow the setup
  • When the Set-up is complete you will be
    taken to the app home screen, where you'll
    see your device information and the features
    it supports

  • Click on Advanced History to
    view all unread Notifications, Package name,
    Notification time, App notification icon, Title
    and description of the notification. Also, you
    can directly open the notification, view app
    details directly from the advanced tab.
  • Click on Notification History to
    view all recently cleared notification on your

The free version of the app only store a maximum of 25
notifications. There is a Pro version that stores unlimited
notifications, have more additional features and ads-free.
Now, have you ever cleared all notifications and later regret doing
so? Were you able to recover them and how? Let's hear you via
the comment section below.

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