List Of Glo Data Plans, Price And Validity

Glo offers one of the cheapest data plans at an affordable prices
compared to its competitors. Are you in need of the complete list
of Glo data plans for you to choose from? Today in this article,
i have combined the complete list of Glo data plans. Glo data
plans are very good only if you have good 3G network in your
location. But still yet, many users complain about poor 3G
network of Glo in their respective locations. I will do some
Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) right here in this article so you
will understand and know the features of Glo data plans. Just
follow me along.

1. Q: Can I Use These Glo Nigeria Data
Plans On Any Device?
A :
You can use all of the Glo Nigeria data plans listed on this
page with your iPhone, Android phones, Windows phones, and even
BlackBerry 10 phones. These plans work with tablets too and can
also be used with modems and mifis.
2. Q: Can I Share My Internet via
A :
Yes; when you subscribe to a Glo Nigeria data plan, you can
share your internet connection via Wifi hotspot.
3. Q: What Configuration Settings Do I
Ideally, Glo should automatically configure your smartphone
with the appropriate settings. But should that not happen, here are
the info you need:
Navigate to Mobile Network on your device and create an
APN and name it ClickedWapNg. Under the following fields, enter
the settings provided below:
APN: gloflat
APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
Username : flat
Password: flat

Save and choose this as your preferred APN. Those are the
settings that you need to be able to use these Glo Nigeria data
plans on any of the above-listed devices and platforms.
Note that the below data plans are Monthly plans i.e. plans with a
30-day validity. There are other plans, including Weekend and Night
plans, as well as daily plans.
Also, note that you can activate any of these data plans by
sending SMS or by dialing a code. Both options are provided.
Always Micro:
Amount:- 1,000
Data:- 2GB
Validity:- 30Days
To subscribe=- Sms 53 to 127
My Phone
Amount- 2,000
Data=- 6GB
Validity=- 30 Days
To subscribe=- Sms 55 to 127
So Special
Amount= 2,500
Data= 10GB
Validity= 30 Days
To subscribe= Sms 58 to 127
Always Macro
Amount= 3,000
Data= 12GB
Validity= 30 Days
To subscribe= Sms 54 to 127
N4,000 Data Plan
Amount= 4,000
Data= 18GB
Validity= 30 Days
To subscribe= Sms 59 to 127
Always Min
Amount= 5,000
Data= 24GB
Validity= 30 Days
To subscribe= Sms 11 to 127
Always Max
Amount= 8,000
Data= 48GB
Validity= 30 Days
To subscribe= Sms 12 to 127
Amount= 10,000
Data= 11GB
Validity= 30 Days
To subscribe= Sms 15 to 127
Amount= 15,000
Data= 60GB
Validity= 30 Days
To subscribe= Sms 16 to 127
Amount= 18,000
Data= 90GB
Validity= 30 Days
To subscribe= Sms 17 to 127
Glo Night and Weekend Plans
1GB @ ₦200 1 night *127*60#
3GB @ ₦500 7 nights + weekend

Does The Data Zap?

Glo data plans doesn't zap. I have used their 6GB for N2,000
data plan and i must say it's very much ok.

How Do I Check My Data Balance?

When subscribed to Glo Nigeria data plans, you can check your
data balance by SMS: info to 127 , or status to 777 .

How To Opt Out Of Auto Renewals?

As we all know, when you subscribed to a data plan, you are
automatically opted in for auto renewals when the data get
expired. So to avoid this, kindly sms Cancel to 127 .

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