online Jobs you could Do From home & Earn as much as ₦60,000 A Month

The flexibility of online jobs such as virtual freelance enables
you work as much as you want and earn as much as you
want legitimately.
One of the most flexible and rewarding online jobs you can do
from your home today is to work as a virtual freelancer on
iProo. You do not require any particular degree or years of
All you need is basic knowledge in any field, your commitment
and the willingness to help others with the information and
requests they seek via iProo.
Andy Hoffman sharing insights on iProo
iProo is a trusted and reliable online resourcery for individuals
who could search for information and leverage on this
information to get paid.
No need to chase people around for payment as you will be
working directly with iProo while they pay you within 24hrs of
executing a job.
While this presents a tremendous opportunity for you to provide
advisory services or engage in special tasks for people on a
specific subject which matches your interest – It doesn’t require
you to be an expert.

Below are some areas you can render a freelance service on:-

• Health, Nutrition & Fitness
• Visual Arts & Designs
• Real Estate & Properties
• Public & Social Services
• Automobiles
• Business Planning & Management
• Financial Advisory & Budgeting
• Branding
• Marketing, Promotions & Advertising
• Web programming
• Legal Services & Documentation
• Creative writing, Proof-reading & Editing
• Mobile Advertising, SEO & Web Analytics
• General Consultancy Services…and so on.

Before you can join iProo as a virtual freelancer using the
sign up link you will find in this article, here are the 4 basic
things you need to have:-
• A valid email address (for vital updates)
• A Nigerian Bank account (for you to receive payments)
• A once-in-a-lifetime membership verification fee of $3 or
• An active mobile line (for instant mobile prompts on jobs/
gigs to be executed).

You can sign up on iProo today as a virtual freelancer by
Verified freelancers also enjoy the exclusive benefit of obtaining
a support fund via iProo Turf.
Sign up on iProo now by visiting WWW.IPROO.NET

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