PayPal Introduces Money Pools, A Crowdfunding Service

PayPal has launched a new feature called Money Pools .
PayPal Money Pools is a new crowdfunding type of service that
allows users to set a fundraising goal and share a page
describing what they want to use the funds for.
PayPal Money Pools as suggested by the company is used for
planning trips, group gifting, special events like collecting money
for someone in need or baby showers.

The fundraising page can be shared on Whatsapp, Facebook,
Twitter, Telegram, Sms, Email and other social media sites. When
raising some funds, you can choose to keep your identity private
or public, and the person requesting money can select if raisers
identities will be shared or kept private.
Like other crowdfunding services, the person requesting money only
receives funds if the fundraising goal is met. Money Pools allows
organizers to extend the deadline if it has not been reached. All
payments are being handled by PayPal securely.

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