Twitter Increased Display Name Limit to 50 Characters

Just few days after Twitter officially rolled out 280 tweet
character limit , the popular social network has now increased the
characters of display names to up to 50 chars (including emojis)
on its platform.
Before now, Twitter display name could only contain 20
characters, but now, the uplifting news is you can have longer
display names on Twitter now. If you have wanted to change your
display name on Twitter to a more longer name, then this is the
time as Twitter display name can now contain 50 characters.
Twitter has been releasing quite some interesting features and as
well deviating from its core tradition of keeping things short.
Starting from the increased 280 characters for tweets and now
increased 50 characters for display names.

According to the official statement from the company few days
"Starting today, your display name can be up to 50
characters in length! Go ahead, add that middle name or
even a few more emojis."

Meanwhile, your username — the handle beginning with " @" that
other people use to mention you — can also be changed, but it
still has 15 characters limit.

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