Ntel Launches Unlimited Night Plans for N500, N1500 and N5000

Want to stream or download on a budget? Ntel is here with
some interesting offer for everyone. Ntel has unveiled some
set of new Night data plans for you to enjoy.
With Ntel new night data plans, you can now browse/
download and stream UNLIMITEDLY on a budget from 10pm
to 6am daily with super fast data without throttle or limit.

Though some subscribers are not happy with their current
price of monthly data. When they started last year 2016,
they started with N10,000 to N12500 and now
N17,500 . Seems they are using this night plans to get
more subscribers to them.
According to ntel:
“Get the Unlimited Data that fits your pocket! ntel
Unlimited U data from as low as 500. No data
cap, no throttling, truly Unlimited”


  1. N500 Unlimited U from 10pm-6am Validity (2days)
  2. N1500 Unlimited U from 10pm-6am validity (7days)
  3. N5000 Unlimited U from 10pm – 6am validity period is 30 days.
This offer is said to run from now till March 4 2018. So if
you have any big file to download or any movie to download,
this is the right time to do that.
As they claimed, ntel said it's truly unlimited without any
form of throttling. We just hope the speed won't be throttled.
You can visit Ntel Night Plans page for more info. What do
you think? Have you tried any of the above plans yet?

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