How To Move Your SIM Card Number From One Network Provider To Another In Nigeria

Have you been looking for a way to move your number from one Network to another? For example you using MTN Network but want to switch
over to Airtel probably because of high charges and bills
on MTN Tariff and Data Plan and you did not want to loose your number. This system of Porting
from one SIM to another is referred as Mobile
Number Portability
This service allows Nigerians to migrate to other
networks of their choice. They can also migrate to their
old network operator if they desire but will take 90 days
after last migration. Using this service, Porting from
One Network to another is secured because no panic, Old
number will not be lost.
Porting your SIM from Airtel To MTN – In a case like
this now the Airtel SIM is Called Donor while the MTN
is known as the Recipient. when porting your SIM the
recipient here which is MTN will issue you a new SIM
card in the process. Porting to Any Network of your
choice is Totally Free and you will not be charge. All is
required of you is Patient and your time.

Term Used When Porting

  • Recipient – The new service provider you
    are porting onto.
  • Donor – The service provider you are porting
  • Subscriber – The customers that owns the
    SIM to be ported.
  • Port In – Means you are joining a new
    service provider.
  • Port Out – You are leaving a service


  • A Valid ID Card ( Student ID, National
    ID, Voters ID, Driving License and
  • A Registered SIM Card – You wish to port out
    from (Must be Active)
  • Your Existing SIM Card Serial Number
Before we Proceed before Porting to any network from an existing SIM, make sure your backup your contacts, use all the credits and data on the SIM, otherwise it will be wiped off.

How To Port SIM Card From One Network Provider To Another In Nigeria

Before We Proceed Note that if you are porting from
Airtel To MTN in a case like this, you need to Visit
any MTN Office or Outlet around to fill out Mobile
Number Portability Form which will be issued to you.
  1. Visit Any Recipient Office or Outlet (The
    Network you porting to) Or point of sales such as high
    street store, office, friendship center, corporate sales
    team or authorised dealers, to request for MNP
  2. You will be issued with the MNP Form , Fill the
    Form and Submit along with any valid ID card provided
    above in requirement. ( Make sure your
    existing SIM You wish to port out from
    is Active and Registered also you
    should be able to provide its serial
  3. At this point a New SIM Card will be issued
    to you at the Office and you’ll be informed to send
    “PORT” to “3232” as text message and if you
    fail to send the text SMS message, your porting request
    will fail.
  4. Your Request will now be forwarded to NPC
    (Number Portability Clearing House)
    where your detail will be validated to be OK . which
    after it is certified you will be informed once the
    SIM is activated.
NOTE: After Porting your Existing network (Donor)
Number will still remain the same and you’ll be billed
according to the default tariff plan of your new recipient
or new network provider.

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